Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Is Me

I was tagged by Trinity, so here I am....

i am: completely stressed to the max
i think: people worry way too much about what others think
i know: things happen for a reason
i want: to have all the moving stresses over with
i dislike: people who are disrespectful
i crave: to be home with my baby
i miss: carefree days
i fear: I won't find a job in Ohio
i feel: sleepy
i hear: the Olympics on tv
i smell: my sweet pea room spray
i usually: call my mom at least once a day, if not more
i search: for knowledge. I'm one of those geeks that likes school.
i wonder: where we'll end up settling down after Nate is done with school
i regret: I haven't traveled more
i love: my family more than anything else in the world!
i care: about my loved ones and my patients at the hospital
i always: kiss Nate goodnight
i worry: my son may get mixed up in the wrong crowd when he's older
i am not: a type A personalily
i remember: Phone numbers..I remember my friends phone numbers from elementary school, and haven't talked to them in years!
i believe: the church is true!
i dance: a lot! I love to bust out my old cheerleading routines from Jr. High occasionally!
i sing: at church and in the car
i don't always: eat as healthy as I'd like
i argue: not very much...I like hearing both sides of a story and I let things go really easily
i write: at work and on this blog
i win: not many things. Although I did win an IPod through work this month!
i lose: at cards
i wish: I had more money
i never: yell
i listen: more than I talk
i don't understand: why people harm their bodies by physically harming themselves or ingetsing things that ruin your insides
i can usually be found: at work or hanging out with family
i am scared: of Freddy Krueger, always have been
i need: a job!
i forget: where I leave my car keys
i am happy: when I am on the beach


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